Castle Chandelier Chestnut

Lans Durable Design: made from old lamp parts

Castle Chandelier Chestnut

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    Lans Durable Design: made from old lamp parts

    Chestnut wood castle chandelier with 6 lamps.

    Restoration report
    The lamp is made of chestnut wood from old sheep fences that were unnecessary.
    The caps, fittings and the ceiling cap are from the 1960s.
    The electrical wiring and chains are new.

    The wooden hangers hang loose and have no fixed position.
    They ensure that the lamp can hang straight.
    The chains of the lamps are 50 cm but can be lengthened or shortened at your own discretion.
    The wooden pendants and the lamps are packed separately when shipped.

    Unique copy and the first in a small series to be made.

    Additional information

    Created on

    September 02, 2023


    brown, silver

    Lamps small E14



    100 cm

    Height as pictured

    140 cm


    95 cm


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