What are durable lamps?

Antique lamps are durable by definition, the raw materials were extracted many years ago and can therefore be reused for many years to come. We only sell old lamps and use as many old parts as possible during the restoration. We think that is more beautiful and also better for our living environment.

Lans Durable Design Lamps

Making lamps from old lamp parts is our challenge to encourage reuse. Lamp parts from our stock and those we find get a new future. Every lamp we make is unique.

Durable entrepreneurship

We are not a webshop because we want to spare our living environment as much as possible. We see the non-committal delivery of items and the return of them without reason as an unnecessary burden on the environment.
Our lamps, often unique specimens, restored by us with love and attention, are not suitable for this.

We prefer to give personal advice in the store, but we are also always ready to help you by phone and email. We pack very well with environmentally friendly materials and if an unforeseen defect occurs, we will look for a solution with you.

Our solar panels provide as much electricity as we use on an annual basis, partly because all our chandeliers are equipped with LED lamps.

Durable nature management

We are fully committed to durable nature management on our Landgoed De Goedenberg.
We lease this NSW estate with the intention of preserving it for generations to come.
The Achterhoek bocage landscape has been strengthened here by creating thickets. A natural well has been excavated that provides the animals with sufficient water, even in dry summers.

Our two Shetlanders Mindy and Mira, half-sisters, ensure that the land is grazed naturally. This means that heavy mowers do not have to be used and soil life is preserved.

In a series of five articles, we explain how the themes of sustainability and nature management are leading in our business operations. On our website of the De Goedenberg these read articles. We have also extensively documented the restoration of this monument here.

In short, with a purchase you have a beautiful durable lamp and you also help us to durable maintain this NSW estate!