Quality requirements old antique chandelier

What do we pay attention to when purchasing an antique chandelier?

We carefully check each lamp against the criteria below and carry out repairs where necessary.
After all these quality requirements have been met, a lamp will be available in the store and on the website.

* do you like the lamp, its shape, design, composition, colour etc.
* is the size right? Not too high, too large or too small?
* is the lamp technically in safe condition?
* is the chain strong and reliable?
* does the lamp have any severe damages or restorations?
* is it clean?
* are the bobeches identical?
* are the glass vases in the center in good condition?
* are the glass or crystal drops in good condition?
* no drops are missing?
* are the identical drops really identical?
* are the drops arranged in the right order?
* is the lamp dressed with the correct drops?
* are the drop connections in good condition? (not corroded)
* are the drop connections identical in size and colour?
* are the strings of glass beads identical in length and size?