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Han & Saskia van der Lans

Exclusive antique chandeliers

Van der Lans Antiek offers you old and antique chandeliers, crystal Maria Theresia chandeliers, ceiling lamps, wall lamps, French chandeliers, Italian chandeliers, Dutch chandeliers, empire basket chandeliers and hanging lamps for the hall.

The chandelier collection consists of hundreds of antique lamps, sustainably restored with original lamp parts. All lamps are suitable for LED and old-fashioned light bulbs.

Order via the website or come to Hummelo in the hospitable Achterhoek in the Netherlands.

Showrooms and period rooms with sparkling antique chandeliers

Looking for a crystal chandelier?
Hundreds of crystal lamps are hanging in our crystal chandelier showroom. This way you can see at your leisure which lamp you like the most.

Looking for a Dutch chandelier?
They all hang together in our Dutch chandelier showroom. Each lamp is connected and can be viewed lit up.

Do you want to get inspired?
Our period rooms show the effect of a Dutch, Italian and French chandelier in a high room.
This way you can take a good look at the lamps and imagine how the lamp hangs in your home.

In our period rooms you can see how antique chandeliers complete a room

Photography Otto Kalkoven

How high should a chandelier hang?

This is personal but there are a number of points of attention.
Do you want to be able to walk under the lamp? Then we recommend a minimum height of two meters, the height of most doors.
If the lamp is hung above a dining table or coffee table, the lamp can hang lower.
We recommend a height of at least 160 cm measured from the floor to the lowest point of the lamp.
But in high rooms it is nicer if the lamp is also higher, this enhances the feeling of space.
The higher the room, the higher the lamp can hang, see the photos above.
The bottom of the chandeliers in the photos is approximately 230 cm measured from the floor, the two rooms and the corridor are 365 cm high.

How big should a chandelier be?

The diameter of our collection of chandeliers varies from 40 to 100 cm. For a large room around 3 meters high, a lamp with a diameter of 50 – 90 cm is sufficient.

The diameter of the copper Dutch chandelier in the photo is 90 cm. The lamps in the hallway have a diameter of approximately 50 cm. That is relatively large for the space, but because of the height it is possible. If there were hanging lanterns or pocket chandeliers, a diameter of approximately 30 cm would suffice.

The kitchen is 265 cm high, the Italian chandelier has a diameter of 50 cm and hangs at 160 cm measured from the floor.

And it’s personal, a “small” lamp can indeed be a nice eye-catcher.

In order to give you good advice, it is therefore important that you measure the height of the rooms.

Learn to recognize an antique chandelier

What is the difference between a French, Dutch and Italian chandelier?
How did the basket chandelier come about?
Read all about antique chandeliers here.

Chandelier restoration and cleaning in our own workshop

Saskia cleans every crystal and thread and replaces them in case of damage.
Han replaces wiring and fittings as needed.

The Goedenberg on the Keppel estate

Our chandelier collection is on display in De Goedenberg farm on Keppel estate in Hummelo.
The farm is a municipal monument and has been restored to its former glory inside and out.

Sustainable business

Antique lighting is sustainable by definition, the raw materials were extracted many years ago and can therefore be reused for many years to come.

In addition to the restoration and sale of antique chandeliers, we are also committed to sustainable nature management at Landgoed De Goedenberg.
In a series of five articles, we explain how the themes of sustainability and nature management are leading in our business operations. Visit the website of the Goedenberg for more information.

Our two Shetlanders Mindy and Mira, half-sisters, ensure that the land is grazed naturally. This means that heavy mowers do not have to be used and soil life is preserved.

Do you want to visit us? Please, but note, our farm is hidden away, even for navigation systems.


View the route description on the Contact page to avoid getting lost. Really do!

During your visit you can charge your electric car or bicycle.

The electricity comes from our own solar panels.