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Guten Tag Frau Saskia van der Lans,
der Korblüster ist heute wohlbehalten bei uns angekommen und sieht sehr schön aus. Vielen Dank für die schnelle und korrekte Abwicklung der Bestellung.
Viele Grüße in die Niederlande und weiter gute Geschäfte wünscht Ihnen.

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Sehr geehrte Frau van der Lans,
vielen herzlichen Dank, die Lampe ist wohlbehalten angekommen. Bei der sehr guten Verpackung hätte auch nichts passieren können.
Sie ist wunderschön und passt perfekt.
Am Wochenende bekommt sie ihren neuen Platz.
Ihnen wünsche ich ein schönes Wochenende.

Welcome, we are open every Saturday from 10am to 4pm

Call, app 0031 6 1395 3790 or email us if you want to come another day.

So come and visit us, we are happy to advise you!

Han and Saskia van der Lans

Exclusive old antique lamps

Our collection of lamps consists of hundreds of antique chandeliers, ceiling lamps, hanging lamps, hall lamps, wall lamps, hallway lamps and more. They are unique specimens, durable and lovingly restored with original lamp parts.
All lamps are suitable for LED and old-fashioned light bulbs.

Order via the site, email, telephone, app or visit Hummelo!

Looking for a crystal chandelier?

Hundreds of crystal lamps are hanging in our crystal chandelier showroom. This way you can see at your leisure which lamp you like the most.

Looking for a Dutch chandelier?

They all hang together in our Dutch chandelier showroom. Each lamp is connected and can be viewed lit up.

Do you want to get inspired?

Our period rooms show the effect of a Dutch, Italian and French chandelier in a high room.
This way you can take a good look at the lamps and imagine how the lamp hangs in your home.

How high should a chandelier hang?
How big should a chandelier be?

This depends on the room height and is also personal, read our advice.

Learn to recognize an antique chandelier

What is the difference between a French, Dutch and Italian chandelier?

Read all about antique chandeliers here.

Chandelier restoration and cleaning in our own workshop

Saskia cleans every crystal and thread and replaces them in case of damage.
Han replaces wiring and fittings as needed.

Durable lamps

What are durable lamps, how durable is our company, why not an online store, what do we do about durable nature management and how can you help?

Visit De Goedenberg

Our chandelier collection is on display in De Goedenberg farm on Keppel estate in Hummelo.
The farm is a municipal monument and we have restored it to its former glory inside and out.

Please note, the farm is hidden in the woods, navigation systems do not know the address.
View the route description on the Contact page.

Use Google Maps if you get lost or call us!